Hotel Salus | Hotel in Parma Sant'Andrea a Bagni

Hotel salus | Hotel in Parma Sant’Andrea in Bagni

Staying at the Hotel Salus can certainly offer you latex foam mattresses in spacious and comfortable rooms, with a high-performance and completely free wi-fi connection. 

You can choose whether to relax at the Spa adjacent with specific treatments or stay in splendid shape in the open air climbing the “walk of the Rio Fabbro.

But the most important thing for us is to make you feel that the warmth of your home is closer than you think.

The Hotel salus is the cradle of Parmesan hospitality: at work or relaxing you can always feel at home.

The awakening is a delicious breakfast among a thousand colors and scents, with a team ready to advise and assist you with joy and professionalism to meet your every request.

Rich, abundant, varied breakfast at the Hotel salus. The ideal place to start the day and be able to face work, trips, relaxation until the evening dinner.

Croissants, biscuits, cakes, cold cuts and cheeses and then fruit juices and juices, fresh and dried fruit, milk, yogurt. Until the fresh boiled eggs and also scrambled, with the inevitable speck. Without forgetting the excellent coffee and cappuccino.

We will take care of you, from when you arrive to when you leave, like the Heart of Parma.

A Team? Much more..

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